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S - Stress Management * T - Trauma Debriefing * A - Adjustment issues * R - Relationship counselling * S - Supervision and Training *

Trauma Debriefing

Trauma Debriefing

We offer debriefing sessions for individuals, groups and families on any life-changing and/or traumatic event. The services are also available to professionals who work in highly stressful settings, such as health professionals.

Adjustment Issues

Adjustment Issues

We offer counselling for any issues which may require a process of adjustment such as bereavement; dealing with adolescence; change management, etc.

Training and Development

Training and Development

We develop and facilitate workshops on various wellness topics in a variety of sectors, including tertiary institutions, the motor industry, professional people.

Peer Supervision and Support Groups and Training for Professionals

Peer Supervision and Support Groups and Training for Professionals

We specialise in providing peer group supervision and support (registered for CPD points) to Social workers and Auxiliary Social workers, as well as provide CPD training to professional Social Workers.



We provide counselling to groups, adults and teens who are wanting to address a variety of wellness issues such as workplace issues; stress; conflict; anger; and coping skills.


Helping you to see the STARS in the darkness...
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Ayesha Malagas, a UCT alumni, is the founder and CEO of Stars Wellness. She is a social worker in private practice with more than 20 years in the field.  She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of those that she meets during her time spent in the practice, through speaking engagements, training events and her work in the area of women empowerment.
She is Capetonian by birth, but currently resides and practices in Pretoria where she has lived for the past 19 years.
She is a big believer in self-care, health and wellness and spends her free time exploring the beauty of Gauteng by participating in weekly hikes and fitness events. She is also a coffee lover and distributor of a healthy organic coffee brand called Organo.
She is a single mom to two teenaged sons who share her love for the outdoors and adventuring around the country.
A recent recipient of the Woman of Wonder Award, Ayesha was recognised for her selfless work in her field and for always working towards the upliftment and empowerment of women.

Ayesha Malagas,
Social Worker


Ms A Malagas
Stars Wellness

Dear Prof/Dr/Mr/Ms Malagas,


The Department of Dental Management Sciences wishes to thank you for the invaluable contribution you made at the Practice Management Seminar on 2 June 2018. The programme was a great success and the students really enjoyed your presentation on: Work-Life-Balance.

We sincerely appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to join us and thank you for sharing your insights and expertise with our students.

Thank you once again for your time and effort.


Prof JG White
Head: Department of Dental Management Sciences
School of Dentistry,
University of Pretoria

Thank you for the taking the initiative and starting a much needed Supervision Support Group. I thoroughly enjoyed my first session:
Networking with colleagues;
Sharing and providing guidance on ethical issues;
Assisting with interpretation of my area of expertise (The Children's Act);
Listening to the diverse Social work backgrounds and differences between those in Private Practise/in Government/Metro Municipality and owning a Company; and lastly
Enjoyed the discussions on best practises and challenges of starting your own business.

Looking forward to linking up again in the near future!

Warm Regards
Crystal Theron (Le-Shika Dev & Training)

Support Group Attendee

Ayesha Malagas is not only professional but also a very warm person and made me feel welcome and at ease. I would recommend the services to people/helping professionals in my space.

Xolisile B Ntuli

Attends Supervision

"Loved the training approach as it is effective yet relaxing and engaging."

"It helped to bring afore the aspects that i sometimes overlook. Happiness is a key and we have the power to choose it."

"As we rush through life, we ought to be reminded that we are designed to be happy."

Lifeskills Training feedback: The Art of Happiness

"Learning about the exploits of others was what I enjoyed most about the session. So incredible to hear how enthusiastic everyone is. Ayesha, when do you sleep?"

"Very useful information. It's great to share information with different colleagues."

Peer Supervision Feedback


I am a social worker in private practice. I offer face to face counselling to couples, individuals, families, adults and teens on a variety of issues. Contact me for more info.