Stars Wellness

Meet the CEO

Ayesha Malagas (nee Karlie), a UCT alumni, is the founder and CEO of Stars Wellness.

She is a Social Worker in private practice with 25 years in the field.

Meet the CEO

Ayesha Malagas (nee Karlie)

She is Capetonian by birth, but resides and practices in Pretoria, Gauteng. She loves what she does while doing what she loves, every day.  

She is a big believer in self-care, health and wellbeing and spends her free time exploring the beauty of Gauteng by participating in weekly hikes and fitness events. She is also a coffee lover and distributor of a healthy organic coffee brand called Organo.

She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of those that she meets during her time spent in the practice, through speaking engagements, training events and her work in the area of employee wellbeing and women empowerment. She is currently enrolled for her second year of the MA in Occupational Social Work at the University of the Witwatersrand which she will complete in 2022.

She is a single mom to two amazing young men who share her love for the outdoors and adventuring around the country.

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