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Social Work Just Keeps On Rocking! #socialworkrules

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The meeting of like-minded individuals is always so exciting and this month’s group was no different. With the renovations at Cleopatraz Spa nearing an end, the ladies could once again enjoy the beautiful group space. This being the second last session for 2016 for the Stars Wellness group facilitated by Ayesha Malagas reminded us of the 13925228_1065931946832204_5489477332618973063_nspeed that the year has gone by with.

They say that, “If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time”.  This moto has been trending within the group as the attendees all share a common passion for our amazing profession.  Social work is what we do and love.

The support and direction from colleagues has kept the group motivated to succeed and achieve great things. Today’s discussion focussed on our own emotional health and the ever important topic of self-care.  As we speed to the end of 2016, we anticipate the coming of the holidays and what it means for the business.  Yes, these amazing Social Workers are entrepreneurs.  They see the business of Social Work, in all its glorious forms as there way to a better life…

For most having been in private practice for a short time the implications of the looming holidays is a cause for anxiety and we discussed some options in order to reduce this stress.

Ladies enjoying Indian head massages in order to de-stress
Ladies enjoying Indian head massages in order to de-stress


Our October group of ladies who attended the Support Group
Our October group of ladies who attended the Support Group


We also explored some avenues that Social Work can take one on, such as a focus on training and development of those in the profession and fostering the love of the profession through that process.  12088192_437819039745028_1010727811321694498_n.jpgEveryone has a passion and that should be pursued as far as possible – stick to what you are good at and refer the rest to trusted colleagues in the field.  The idea behind the intensive networking within the group is to build a stronger referral system and have on hand assistance when there is a need to call for alternative expertise.

For more information on the Group, please contact Ayesha Malagas on 083 7304 556 or email on

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